New Year, New Blog (kind of)

So it’s been a while (apologies!) but it’s a new year and I’m back and ready to blog!

First things first, one thing I decided while taking a break from blogging last year is that I want to shift my focus on the blog slightly, i.e. I’d like to move away from my YA background slightly and focus more on literature that pushes me out of my comfort zone – sometimes change can be a good thing (I hope!) I’m still going to try to write about YA whenever I can but I think I need to embrace every genre with as much enthusiasm as I do YA.

Secondly, although the title only makes reference to reviews – I’m going to try and throw some more opinion pieces into the mix, some ‘safe’ and some that might ruffle a few feathers, on a range of topics from franchises to classism.

Thirdly, I’m going to try and create some new sections on the blog, I’m not sure what (still ironing out some minor flaws) but I hope they’ll add more variation to the blog so it’s not too vanilla.

I’m looking forward to my new 2017 blog changes – watch this space!



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