March Classic – Sense & Sensibility

sense and sensibility

I only just finished Sense and Sensibility last night so excuse the fact that it’s  currently April (I have zero time management skills)! I decided to read Sense and Sensibility because after how much I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, I just had to read the rest of her works!

Anyway, on with the review and the endless praise I have for this novel! I know it’s only the 3rd month and this is my 2nd Jane Austen book but I have fallen completely and utterly in love with her writing – even though her novels were published hundreds of years ago, they’re still so completely relevant to 21st century society.

Sense and Sensibility focuses on sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood as both experience heartbreak with Edward Ferrars and John Willoughby respectively) and how they deal with that on top of coping with their greedy sister-in-law. In typical Austen style, it’s witty & satirical but also shows great humour and heart with cleverly written characters and swoon worthy men (Edward Ferrars and Colonel Brandon are both so sweet!)

I love it because it showcases how not everyone deals with difficult situations in their own way and that not everyone experiences heartbreak the same, some seem to take it harder than others. I also loved how it seemed to poke fun at the stiff-upper lip stereotype of the British as Marianne is completely the opposite, wailing so much she makes herself ill over Willoughby. Elinor is the strong and silent one, keeping her feelings to herself and carrying on as if nothing had changed which broke my heart.

I think the reason why Sense & Sensibility is still a widely read classic today is because heartbreak is still a contemporary occurrence and is universal –  everyone has or will experience heartbreak of some kind which is why I still believe that Sense and Sensibility will continue to be widely read well into the future.

Rating – it’s Austen so it has be 5 stars!



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