Bookish Spinsters – What is Feminism? What Does Being a Feminist Mean to You?

Firstly, sorry I haven’t posted in a while – school has been hectic (yay for GCSEs!) and I’ve had a ridiculous amount of tests to revise for etc. but I’m back and I’m excited to be taking part in a new blogger response topic called Bookish Spinsters over at Once Upon a Bookcase. You can find out more about what it’s about here, but the lowdown is that Bookish Spinsters is a weekly link-up to discuss feminism and feminist ideas. Every Friday there will be a different feminist topic for bloggers and booktubers to respond and reflect on.

This week’s topic:

What Is Feminism? – What does being a feminist mean to you as an individual?

My response (Trigger warning)

Feminism to me is fighting for women, and men, to be treated equally socially, politically and economically in all parts of the world. To me as an individual however, feminism means that I’m not shut down for having an opinion about contemporary social/political issues, that I’m not told that the girls can’t play rugby like the boys because ‘we have a special job later in life’ (i.e. have children) by our teachers (who have since reversed their decision), and that I’m not faced with comments such as ‘girls can’t do ——–‘ by male classmates. It means that I’m not faced with impossible beauty standards to succumb to and then judged if I do or don’t. Feminism means that whatever career I choose for myself, I will be treated the same as any man in the same position. It means that my sanitary products are not taxed as luxuries. It means that girls all over the world will not have to undergo FGM, or to be sold into prostitution or child marriages but instead can access an education and make a life for themselves. It means that girls as young as 9 are not catcalled by people old enough to be their grandparents. It means that boys are not faced with impossible body standards so they develop body image disorders, just as girls do. It means that boys can freely express their emotions, and if they want to cry, they can cry without being met with comments like ‘man up’ because only girls are supposed to cry because femininity is seen as a sign of weakness. It also means supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, regardless of gender. It means that everyone who is not just a victim of sexism, but of racism/ableism/homophobia/transphobia etc. is supported and their voices are heard. Feminism means a lot more, but if I listed them all I’d be here all day!

What does feminism mean to you?


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