Emmy and Oliver Review

emmy and oliver

I received this book for free from Maximum Pop Books to review, and although I hate to say negative things about free books – this book just wasn’t up to scratch.

It had an unusual twist on the typical ‘childhood love story’ i.e. the male love interest, Oliver, was kidnapped as a child, so his and Emmy’s relationship never git a chance to develop until he is returned 12 or so years later.

It had such potential to be a fantastic story, but it fell flat. Robin Benway had a real opportunity to explore the complexities and uniqueness of the situation but she failed to do so. Instead, it was frothy, sugary-sweet and everything it really shouldn’t have been – it just wasn’t realistic. The characters were two-dimensional and the climax was very underwhelming. I felt no empathy for the characters and the sub-plot, which was that Emmy loved to surf, but her parents didn’t know, was just incredibly boring. There were inevitable falling outs, and when Emmy finally stood up for herself, she fell flat. Everything was tied up in too neat of a bow at the end, a happy ever after if you will and it just seemed very cliché.

However, I did think the premise was interesting and the secondary characters were better written than the protagonists – their stories seemed more compelling and their narrative voices were stronger.

Sorry this review is a tad short, but I am super busy, and this book just didn’t seem very worthy of a long review.

Rating – 2.5 stars.


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