Top 5 Roald Dahl Books

Firstly, sorry I haven’t posted in a while – school has been a nightmare and I’ve had so much work to do I just didn’t have time!

Anyway, as it was Roald Dahl’s 99th birthday on Sunday and Roald Dahl day started trending I have decided to dedicate this week’s Top 5 list to Roald Dahl and my favourite 5 books that he has written.

  1. Matilda

matilda book

One of the reasons why I love Matilda is because although it’s set in a contemporary setting, it’s really a book about magic. It’s about taking someone who they thought would amount to nothing and turning them into someone extraordinary. Matilda is also my favourite book character as well because she’s so feisty and intelligent yet caring as well – one of my top literary heroines for definite.

2) The Witches

the witches

The Witches was the first book that scared me. I mean, it’s about witches living in plain sight, ready to pounce – what’s there not to be scared about!? The Witches was full of twist and turns, humour with a dash of childhood fear and had an unusual, but satisfying ending thus earning it a place on my top 5 list.

3) Esio Trot

esio trot

While Esio Trot is small – it’s big on heart as it follows the story of 2 [people, who both love tortoises and how they bond over one. Full of humour and quirkiness –  like every Roald Dahl book – and will leave you cruise-shipping Mrs Silver and Mr Hoppy together forever.

4) James and the Giant Peach

james and the giant peach

I have such fond memories of this book after we had to act parts out for a drama lesson back in 2011 and contains everything a Roald Dahl book has – nasty antagonists described in such detail that the most grotesque picture is ingrained in your mind, resilient friendships with unlikely people, ups, downs and a less than typical ending. James and the Giant Peach was the first Dahl book I ever read and engrossed me from start to finish – a fantastic read and highly underrated! It’s about a boy who travels on a giant peach – what’s not to love!

5) The Twits

the twits

Ah, The Twits – the most grotesque characters in children’s fiction. Unlike the other books on this list, The Twits has no hero – only 2 slapstick villains, who just so happen to be married, and hate each other’s guts. They concoct sinister plots to get rod of one another, but don’t know they’re about to get a nasty shock when their pet monkeys turn against them. It’s so ridiculous it’s funny and a book I always turn to when I want to revisit my childhood.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Roald Dahl Books

  1. Eugenia @ Genie In A Book says:

    Fantastic post Maisie – I’m a big Roald Dahl fan myself as well, I remember loving all his books when I was younger. The BFG always had a special place on my shelf, and Danny The Champion of the World. His autobiographical books ‘Boy: Tales from Childhood’ and ‘Going Solo’ are also great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • themaisie says:

      Thank you fro your comment – I remember my old school teacher reading ‘Boy’ to us and our whole class was enthralled! I still love to delve back into one of his books whenever I have the chance – they never fail to make me laugh!

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