The Big Lie – What’s My Protest?

the big lie

So earlier today, to celebrate the publication day of Julie Mayhew’s latest book ‘The Big Lie’, Hot Key Books asked us on the twittersphere, what do you want to change about your world?

And a lot went through my head. I want equality of the sexes (I’m a fierce feminist, and I run a blog about it called Secrets of a Teenage Feminist) but I also want equality for the LGBTQ+ community WORLDWIDE, I want equality of races because no-one should be treated differently and harmfully because of the colour of their skin and/or their heritage. I want to end wealth inequality, because of how big a factor it is to other types of inequality e.g. people of colour are more likely to be living on the poverty line than white people so if we end wealth inequality, then we can help end other problems.

I also want sex work and abortion to be decriminalised – because they are not crimes – they are choices made by lots of people that just differ from others’ beliefs (not mine, I’m a firm believer in ‘Your Body, Your Choice’).

I want there to be better media representation for all genders, all races & ethnicities & all sexualities. I want everyone to have access to the same opportunities and rights, no matter their circumstances. I want everyone to have the right to feel safe and to not feel threatened by others who are so closed-minded that they can’t see  how equality will better our world.

There are so many things I wish I could change about our messed up world that I couldn’t put it into 140 characters or less.


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