Top 5 Classic Novels

I know this blog has mainly been devoted to YA books so for the sake of genre diversity I have decided to make my Top 5 list this week about classic novels.

1) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

pride and prejudice

No classic novel list is complete without a Jane Austen novel and I have selected my favourite of her books – Pride and Prejudice. I love this book because Lizzie Bennet is definitely one of my favourite literary heroines because she is an “obstinate, headstrong girl” in a time where all women were supposed to be meek and mild-mannered and adds real fire to the story. (Also, Mr Darcy is swoonworthy – but that’s not why you should read it).

2) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

jane eyre

Like Jane Austen, no classics list is complete without a Bronte novel and I have selected Jane Eyre. Like Pride and Prejudice, the reason why I love this book is because of the protagonist. Jane Eyre is quite possibly one of the strongest characters in English Literature and put up with so much, she never failed to amaze me. There is a slight love triangle but that pales in comparison to richness and complexity of Jane’s character.

3) Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

franny and zooey

When most people hear the name of J.D. Salinger, they think of ‘Cather in the Rye’ and while that was okay – Franny and Zooey is completely underrated! It’s a touching story of family, love, life and finding your feet as you plunge into early adulthood. It’s told in a dual perspective of brother & sister Zooey and Franny and is such a fab read – I can’t recommend it enough.

4) The Beautiful and The Damned by F.Scott Fitzgerald

the beautiful and the damned

Like Franny and Zooey above, The Beautiful and the Damned is usually passed over for its more glamorous and well known sibling, The Great Gatsby and I don’t know why! Gatsby is brilliant but The Beautiful and the Damned is much more brooding, dramatic and focuses on the bad side of wealth and the problems it brings.

5) Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is probably my favourite book on this list just because I love a good dystopian novel – and this is one of the originals. Set in a not too distant future, it is centred around a special group if firemen who have to burn books *cue gasp*. It’s a scathing look at our media consumption and still, every time I read it, shocks me. Also, after you read it, you’ll never be so glad to have books in your life.

What are your favourite classic novels? Comment below.


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