We Are All Made of Molecules Review

we are all made of molecules


We Are All Made of Molecules is a fantastic YA book telling the story of 2 unconventional families brought together under one roof and is told in a 2 person narrative of 13 year old science genius Stewart who is still grieving for his dead mother and 14 year old fashion mad Ashley, still angry at her father for splitting up their perfect family unit when he came out as gay.

The main thing I loved about this book was that the voices were both very distinct, unlike many multi-POV books I’ve read where all the voices just merge into one. It was engaging, funny and incredibly moving. The alternation between Ashley and Stewart always happened just after a big event, so you would always see how they would both react and how they processed things.

It dealt with fairly tough topics, such as loss and homophobia and even though Ashley and Stewart were only 14 & 13 respectively, it was written in such a sophisticated way to highlight that nowadays, because adolescents are surrounded by media, we tend to lose our childish innocence and ignorance that would come with it, say 30 years ago and look at the world in a much more cynical, jaded way and Nielsen didn’t simplify Ashley and Stewart’s thoughts (which I was glad about) because they were both going through situations that even some adults wouldn’t know how to cope with at their age.

Ultimately, this novel is filled with twists and turns, humour, finding your feet, redemption and coming to terms with what’s happening around you.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars.


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