Top 5 LGBT Reads

Due to the recent surge in books (particularly YA ones) and with the popularity of the #LGBTReadathon on Twitter (and rightly so!) I have decided to compile a list of my top 5 LGBT themed reads.

1) Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Abertalli (G)

simon vs

For those that have seen my review of ‘Simon Vs.’ you will know how much I love this book! It’s a fantastic contemporary LGBT love story full of humour, kick ass characters and talks about the real problems that LGBT teens face.

2) Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (L)


Told in alternate perspectives of young novelist Darcy Patel and her protagonist Lizzie, Afterworlds shows the contrast in a heterosexual relationship (Lizzie and Yamaraj) and a homosexual relationship (Darcy and fellow writer Imogen). While Darcy never faces any real prejudice towards her relationship with Imogen she struggles to tell her conservative Indian parents and struggles with confirming her sexuality.

3) The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (T)

the art of being normal

While I’ve only read the first few chapters of this book I already love it. It tells the story of David who just wants to be a girl and the unlikely friendship he forms with heterosexual Leo. I can’t go into too much detail as I’ve only read the first few chapters but to me, it already seems quite an honest portrayal of the struggles with gender identity.

4) Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Martin (B & G)

grasshopper jungle

Grasshopper Jungle focuses on sexually confused Austin and his gay best friend Robby after they accidentally release giant praying mantises on their town. Full of humour as Robby and Austin try to fix their mistake it also tackles sexual confusion that face many teens (and some adults) without making it the main storyline – because while sexuality is quite a big thing in our society, there are other important things to worry about and our sexuality doesn’t define us wholly.

5) Every Day by David Levithan (LGBT)

every day

An LGBT read list would not be complete without the trailblazer of LGBT lit, David Levithan. For me, Every Day is Levithan’s finest work. It follows A, who changes bodies every day and takes control of a stranger’s body for the day. We are unsure if A is a boy or girl, which to me celebrates and makes an important point about gender fluidity. A has been in the bodies of homosexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals and while in a straight body, falls in love with Rhiannon. Every Day manages to make valid points about sexual fluidity and gender fluidity without addressing the matters directly.

I’d love some more LGBT book recommendations so please comment below!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 LGBT Reads

  1. Jim (@Yayeahyeah) says:

    Fab list Maisie; particularly the top 3 which are favourites of mine!

    Others you might enjoy:
    Micah Grey series by Laura Lam, which are being republished next year by Tor, is a fantasy about an intersex character. Really brilliant!
    Far From You by Tess Sharpe, a thriller about a bisexual girl trying to find out about the death of her girlfriend, is stunning.
    Keris Stainton’s Starring Kitty is a gorgeously sweet lesbian romance.
    BR Collins’s Love In Revolution is a historical lesbian romance which is utterly wonderful, but heartbreaking.
    And Susin Nielsen’s We Are All Made Of Molecules is a wonderful coming-of-age story for two teens – in this one, it’s lead character Ashley’s father who’s gay, rather than either of the narrators, but it’s a brilliant look at a girl dealing with her father’s sexual identity.

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