The Great British Summer Book Tag

Hi everyone! Today I am taking part in an awesome book tag that was created by Gill at The Happy Reader in which I was tagged by Daniel at The Blogger’s Bookshop. This tag is supposed to celebrate British summertime (all 3 days of it!)


Q1) You’ve been offered a weeks holiday, staying in a 5 star hotel and being pampered to within and inch of your life on a hot tropical island, all expenses paid! (assuming this is your thing) However, in return you have to give up one of your precious books! And give it up forever, no second copy! What book could you just NOT give up for this great opportunity?

the strange and beautiful sorrows of ava lavender

A1) I just couldn’t give up The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (you can find my review here) partly because it got me my first ever blog comment but also because the story was so engrossing and I felt that I got more out of that book than I had any other.

Q2) It’s one of those rare genuine summer days we have here and you’re sitting comfortably on a sun lounger in the garden, its almost 30 degrees in the shade! You have your feet in a bowl of iced water and a deliciously cool drink in your hand. What book would you want to be reading right at this moment?

all my friends are superheroes

A2) If I was relaxing it would have to be something snappy to keep my attention and one book that does that every time is All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. Although it’s short, it’s full of heart and humour as  one man Tom tries to get his superheroine wife back after she was hypnotised by her ex, the Hypno.

Q3) Its the UK, so the summer isn’t always sunny, bright and warm. What book that you weren’t especially fond of would make a great umbrella to protect you from those sudden downpours/thunder/lightning/floods we often have?


A3) While I try to avoid using books as umbrellas, if I was desperate I would have to use How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff purely because I just didn’t find the book very engaging and I got really bored after a while. Also, I found the lack of speech marks really frustrating!

Q4) It’s a warm, sultry night and you’re by yourself on the beach with friends who are all paired off in couples sitting round a campfire chatting and eating overcooked sausages.What book character do you wish you could snuggle up to?

eleanor and park

A4) Oooh, this is such a tough one! (I am in love with many book characters)! At a push though, I would have to pick Park from Eleanor and Park. This is mainly because we could spend the whole night talking about comics and share earphones  so we could listen to 80’s music. (Totally not getting hot under the collar here!)

Q5)  One of those rare heatwave hot days of summer has caused the roads to melt, the internet to crash and hoards of mutant, zombie porcupines have taken over your town, as they do! What author would give you the best advice to get out of this sticky situation before you are caught and turned into one yourself?

A5) Charlie Higson – just because he’s written a book series about kids fighting off zombies so could give some excellent advice on how to keep yourself safe. Plus, he’s hilarious and I would need someone to take the edge off if we were being attacked by zombie porcupines (I’m a panicker!)

So there is my Great British Summer Book Tag! Like Gill and Daniel I am going to tag some people to help it along & spread the word. The tag is optional but I would love it if you completed the tag! I tag:

Sophia  – @brokefrombooks

Georgia – @TeenBookHoots

Shannon – @shannonbookworm

Emma – @startingtospark

Tag me in your responses so I can read them!


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