Quiet YA

I haven’t done an essay post in a while so I have decided to talk about quiet YA. Quiet YA is YA that isn’t really talked about; novels that are still incredible but aren’t at the top of bestsellers’ lists or talked about a great deal. So numerous bloggers have decided to change that and talk about the underrated, quiet YA books they love the most.

For me my favourite Quiet YA books are: Pop and We Could Be Heroes by Catherine Bruton ( a secondary school English teacher) because not only do they offer so much to the UKYA genre but they also deal with stereotypes and misconceptions we have about certain groups in society in hilarious, madcap ways.

we can be heroes  pop

I also loved What If by Rebecca Donovan. This novel dealt with grief, love, loss and that the friendships you make in high school don’t always last forever. It was sad yet hopeful and gave a glimpse into the human mind for a while and how we work.

what if

I haven’t really got any others, because I’ve normally been tempted by the bestsellers; the ones advertised on the internet and in bookshops on a massive scale. So, next time you’re in a bookshop, pick up a book that’s on the bottom shelf and take a chance. You might not know it, but you might love it when you read it. What are your favourite quiet YA reads? I’d love some new recommendations!

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