Let’s Get Lost Review

let's get lost 2First of all, this was the best road trip themed book I have ever read.

The story follows Leila, a teenager travelling as far north as possible to see the Northern Lights. Whilst travelling, she meets 4 very different  teenagers, each with their own unique set of problems. First, there is Hudson, an ordinary guy who just wants to leave his small hometown behind. Then, there is Bree, a runaway, trying to escape her past. There is wannabe Lloyd Dobler, Elliot, who is nursing his broken heart on prom night and finally, there is Sonia, struggling to move on from her deceased boyfriend. Although Leila is only with these different characters for less than 24 hours, she acts as a fixer, helping them and making a huge impact on their lives. However, while she fixes them, she is still trying to heal her fractured past.

In each story, we are given small pieces of information as to why Leila is taking this ‘road trip of a lifetime’ until it all pieces together in the end like an intricate puzzle or a map, following her journey throughout all its twist and turns until reaching the final destination.

I simply adored Adi Alsaid’s writing style, it flows beautifully but manages to maintain a subtle sharpness to keep you on your toes and the characters were all so well developed, despite only being seen once. Alsaid made them three dimensional and flawed and I instantly liked them, despite them only having an appearance of roughly 20 or so pages and he gave them their own voice so they each felt like protagonists, not just supporting roles in Leila’s shadow. It takes a great writer to accomplish that.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars (Only because I wish it was longer!)


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