The Girl on the Train Review

the girl on the train

Rachel takes the same train into London every day and always sees the same couple, who she nicknames Jess and Jason. and envies their seemingly perfect life as she is still reeling from her messy split with her husband Tom. Then, when Jess goes missing after being seen in the arms of another man by Rachel, she makes it her mission to find the killer while still dealing with her own problems.

Told in a 3-way narrative by Rachel, Anna (Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife) and Megan (Jess) this novel was full of twists and turns and nasty surprises and a great introduction for me to the thriller genre. Hawkins’ writing style was incredibly smooth yet erratic which suited the mood and atmosphere greatly.

One thing I simply adored about this book was that all the characters were quite villainous which was a fresh twist from the ordinary heroine who always has her life together. Rachel is an alcoholic, Anna was a mistress and Megan had a past full of problems which she was still struggling to overcome. The novel also managed to touch on various other themes and their treatment of women which truly made this novel a rich, complex and compelling read.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


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