Bloodrush Review


Bloodrush is a story about murder, magik, family and blood. Set in alternate universe the story centres on a 13 year old boy called Tonmerion (Merion for short).

Based on the concept of the old Western films, Bloodrush was quite difficult for me to get into at first I have to admit, it felt slow and it took a while for me to get hooked. However, the pace did pick up significantly after the first few chapters and Galley managed to intertwine all the different themes of fantasy, tension, betrayal and loss magnificently.

The storyline was original and I don’t think I have ever read A Western set in an alternate universe that was the ‘last stop before Hell’. It quickly absorbed me and I felt transported into this deep dark world that I never wanted to leave.

The plot was filled with twists and turns and the various characters were complex and shrouded in mystery so it became kind of like a ‘Russian doll’ scenario in the sense that to me it felt like a mystery wrapped in another mystery.

Galley pushed fantasy literature to its limits with this book, leaving me on a high and I don’t want to come down.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars.


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