Chance the Darkness Review

chance the darkness 2Chance the Darkness by LA Wild is a clever masterpiece, exploring the troubled mind of the protagonist, 19 year old Summer Keese after learning that her twin sister has been murdered on the streets of Amsterdam. From the minute the book starts you are transported into a world full of intricacies and small clues as Summer’s world slowly starts to unravel.

With a determined mindset Summer returns back to her Scotland home trying to find her sister’s killer which leads her into a world of risk and danger, including cults and the mysterious Black, who is the typical brooding anti-hero and Summer finds herself drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.

Wild’s writing is extremely descriptive and detailed and writes with such an eloquence while managing to maintain a sense of tension, mystery and pain inside Summer’s mind, which not many writers can pull off.

Written from Summer’s perspective, you are transported into her mind and experience her range of emotions and psychic ‘flashbacks’ as well and are kept just in the dark as Summer is, resulting in shocking plot twists and slight feelings of frustration.

Overall, this book was engaging and a really good read. Kudos to Wild for creating such a complex female character and for being able to intertwine fantasy, mystery, romance, action and thriller .

Rating: 5 stars.


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