Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Review

Louise Rennison is a comedic genius! First teen book that answers all my weird questions about adolescence, feels like it has been written by a teen and is so funny, you’ll laugh your knickers off!

The story is told autobiographically, through the journal of a teenage girl named Georgia Nicolson (who is my spirit animal). The books detail events in Georgia’s life as she grows up in England, along with a group of her close friends known as ‘the Ace Gang.’ A continual source of humour within the story derives from Georgia’s family; her promiscuous mother, embarrassing father, eccentric younger sister and violent pet cats provide additional storylines throughout the series.

I have to admit though, if you’re reading this in public, you will get weird looks from strangers.

This book is a must read for any teenage girl. This is the Teen Girl Bible. It explores having a crush on the fittest boys in your school (and how to attract them), changing teenage friendships, public embarrassment with a huge spoonful of weirdness, laughter and truthfulness.

I can find no faults with this book.


Rating: 5 stars


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