Stardust Review

Neil Gaiman is by far one of my favourite authors. He has the ability to allow you to enter a world completely different than your own and to just forget about all your worries and become invested in the lives of fictional characters and mythical creatures. Few authors can do that.

Stardust is my favourite Gaiman book and is a magnificent piece of literature. The story follows Tristran Thorn, a teenager from Wall, searching for a fallen star to give to his one true love. Do not let this fool you! It is not a love story, but one of fantasy, and t survival and escapism. Tristran must deliver the star (called Yvaine) to his true love, but what he doesn’t know is that there are many people who want the star also, including a witch, who needs Yvaine’s heart so she will regain her youth. It was exciting, exhilarating and full of secrets.

I truly enjoyed the development of the relationship between Tristran and Yvaine, how they started out as enemies (with Tristran treating Yvaine as an object) and ended as two people who were in love. I liked it because their relationship was gradual and not the silly notion ‘love at first sight’.

Stardust is simply amazing. Gaiman is one of the best authors this country has to offer.

Rating: 5 stars


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