The Jewel Review

I loved The Jewel. Imagine The Selection but without the love triangle and with more at risk for the protagonist.

It follows Violet, as she becomes a Surrogate, destined to carry a child for a woman she despises. Until she is approached by Lucien, who offers to help her escape to a safe zone, where she could live with lover Ash. (I’d say more. but I can’t give too much away!)

Glamorous and provocative, The Jewel had me turning every page to discover the explosive and unpredictable finale, which I did not expect at all.

One thing I could have lived without though, were the cheesy romantic lines exchanged between Violet and Ash, they didn’t feel genuine, their love didn’t feel realistic, it just felt like another typical dystopian romance.

Barring that, however, The Jewel was an explosive debut by an exciting young author: Amy Ewing. I cannot wait to see what the second book in the trilogy will be like, and whether it will get the big screen treatment. (Most likely, as Hollywood seems to be lacking in original screenplays at the moment.)

Rating: 4 stars


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