We Were Liars Review

We Were Liars was simply astounding.

From the moment I picked it up on a Tuesday morning I didn’t let go of it until I finished it that afternoon. Set after an accident that happened 2 years ago on her family’s private island that left her with an unnamed brain problem and amnesia, Cadence Sinclair Eastman sets out to find out what really happened, uncovering family secrets along the way.

The story goes back and forth to ‘summer fifteen’ and present day, you learn about Cadence’s relationship with a family friend Gat and their tale of summer love, her family’s problems and arguments and explores American aristocracy and the crumbling of family hierarchy.

E.Lockhart’s writing style is completely unique, slightly erratic and sounds more like a really long poem as opposed to a novel, which suits the story perfectly. It feels like every sentence sounds like a ticking clock and the final word uttered is the bell, signalling the end. When I finished it, it felt final. The final word uttered, bringing silence to the world.

Glamorous, tragic and with a completely unexpected plot twist that will leave you retracing your steps wondering how you didn’t guess it, We Were Liars is an amazing piece of Young Adult literature.

Rating: 5 stars.



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