Say What You Will Review

Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern is along the same lines of Eleanor and Park, when it comes to the outsiders being in love part, but Amy and Matt, the protagonists of this story are very different from that of Eleanor and Park. They are both in difficult circumstances, but health as opposed to family issues. Amy has cerebral palsy whereas Matt has OCD, and while Amy embraces her disability, Matt struggles to cope.

Set over the course of senior year in High School, Amy and Matt are thrown together, Matt as Amy’s peer carer. They connect over e-mails and texts and what starts off as a blossoming friendship, soon turns into something more as they begin to fall for each other.

This isn’t a typical love story. This is about two misfits finding each other and developing a personal connection that turns much more deeper. They help each other, they don’t just snog on the bus like so many others do. You experience life through both sets of eyes, written from a stunning dual perspective. And, much like other teen romances, you experience their ups and downs, their dramatic climax which isn’t resolved in 20 pages with a bunch of red roses and a mix CD has consequences, as Amy heads off to Stanford University and Matt is left in his hometown. There is plot twist after [plot twist, and is the type of book which you can’t put down. At the end, which was what I liked, Amy and Matt’s problems have begun to resolve, and though not entirely fixed, you feel as if progress has been made. And although they won’t be the same, their friendship and closeness remains.



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