Eleanor and Park Review

How to describe Eleanor and Park in one word is simply impossible. This book was filled with bursts of humour, tragedy and love mixed into one beautiful story. The love story was that of two teenagers both from different circumstances and managed to connect over their love of comics and bands on a school bus in 1986. It felt like real life and Rowell managed to make her characters seem believable and people we could relate to. Eleanor and Park both have flaws, both feel like outsiders and find each other to create a relationship that could stand the test of time. I preferred this book to series such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’ because Eleanor is an ordinary heroine. Rowell knows that even getting on the school bus is a challenge for some, especially if you’re under difficult family circumstances like Eleanor. There is no dramatic battle sequences, and no person saving the world from destruction, just two teens trying to stay afloat I the sea that is High School. Eleanor is someone to look up to, a strong girl that doesn’t use weapons to fight back against society’s prejudice and conformity. The storyline reaches a dramatic climax with heart-breaking consequences that will leave you feeling as if you’ve lost a best friend, despite these people having only been around for a couple of hundred pages. Please read this book, you will never regret it.

Rating: 5 stars



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